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Wiring Simplified is divided into four parts that cover the various phases of a wiring job—from understanding basic vocabulary and principles, to planning, installation, and finishing. Each part provides the necessary foundation for the parts that follow.




special wiring situations and projects

The best way to use this book is to read it through from start to finish to gain an overall grasp of what is involved in electrical wiring. This step is vital to fully grasp the elements of a complicated trade. Many questions from readers turn out to address topics that are fully covered in the book, but the reader had neglected to read through the book first. The table of contents at the front of the book provides an overview of the wide range of material covered. This and the index at the back are your keys to locating topics quickly and easily.

getting started—the basics provides basic background necessary to understand the safety, practical, and legal  considerations involved in wiring decisions and practices. This is essential reading before undertaking any electrical work. The standards and codes that help ensure safety are explained, and important safety precautions are offered. Practical goals to consider in the planning of any wiring job are described in plain language. A bare-bones outline of how electrical power is measured and delivered to the home provides basic vocabulary for understanding issues of usage, cost, and conservation of electrical power.

wires, circuits, and grounding explains how to choose the right wire types and sizes, electrical devices, and tools you’ll need for a particular job. Proper overcurrent protection and the importance and specifics of grounding are emphasized here and throughout the book. New developments on arc-fault circuit interrupters are covered. Regulations are given for feeders and the panels they supply. A simple way is described for using wiring diagrams to design installations of any size.

installing service equipment and wiring When you’re ready to start your installation, Wiring Simplified fits in your toolbox so you can take it right to where you’re working for ready reference. All commonly encountered wiring methods are covered. The service entrance chapter describes required workspace around panels and explains how to establish the connection point between the power supplier’s wires and your electrical installation. Detailed instructions are provided for selecting and installing boxes and switches in your circuits; for making the wiring connections at the boxes, switches, and receptacles; for running cable or raceways; and for testing the completed installation. You will also find information on how to wire detached garages and outbuildings. Modernizing an outdated wiring system is covered in a separate chapter, with many expert hints for making the job easier. Wiring requirements for a variety of specific household appliances are listed. The details of finishing an electrical installation wrap up this professional approach to getting the job done.

special wiring situations and projects begins with a discussion of the types and wiring requirements of stand-alone motors commonly used in residences and on farms, with special coverage of new regulations for motor disconnects. The chapter on farm wiring covers specialized topics such as constructing the meter pole, wiring animal buildings, and rural safety issues. In addition to telephone and doorbell wiring, the chapter on low-voltage wiring now includes general material on computer network wiring. The last chapter, on troubleshooting and repairs, is a guide to diagnosing and remedying common problems such as blown fuses or tripped breakers, broken switches and receptacles, and lamps and doorbells that don’t work—information that can be used by people who never intend to undertake an electrical installation but want to be able to maintain the electrical equipment they depend on each day.


Park Publishing, Inc.
Softcover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 256 pages, 228 illustrations
46th edition, August 2022
ISBN 978-0997905328
Price $18.95

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