Excerpts from CHAPTER 19

Troubleshooting and Repairs

THIS CHAPTER EXPLAINS how to diagnose problems with existing wiring and how to make common repairs.

For problems with Check topic heading  
Aluminum wiring Updating aluminum wiring
Chimes Troubleshooting doorbells and chimes
Circuit breakers Troubleshooting fuses and circuit breakers
Cords Troubleshooting cords and plugs
Doorbells Troubleshooting doorbells and chimes
Fuses Troubleshooting fuses and circuit breakers
Lamps-table and floor Repairing table and floor lamps
Light fixtures-ceiling: fluorescent and incandescent Troubleshooting light fixtures
Plugs Troubleshooting cords and plugs
Receptacles-wall: two-wire and three-wire Testing and replacing wall receptacles
Switches-wall: single-pole and three-way Replacing wall switches

Chapter 2.  Planning Your Electrical Installation
Chapter 6.  Circuit Diagrams
Chapter 13. Modernizing Old Wiring

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